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Why Ringside

At Ringside, we have been successfully helping organizations discover and hire top talent for well over ten years and are part of a network recognized as largest and most successful search firm network in America.


If you have the drive and determination to build your own practice within our stable and secure organization, have high expectations for your professional ambitions, and desire to be in control of your lifestyle, work and life balance, and income, we invite you to consider the possibility of joining Ringside.


At Ringside, we have not only the preeminent training program in the industry, but a multi-faceted infrastructure complete with an unparalleled operations and finance team, state-of-the-art technology, creative and innovative marketing, and a culture that has earned our network being named the #10 search firm in the nation.


Each year our associates have the opportunity to earn company-paid trips by simply meeting their commitments. We’ve traveled to fun destinations in Mexico, the Caribbean, and everywhere in between. We also give back and support the Kaye/Bassman Foundation, raising over $1.5 million for deserving charities since inception. Our culture is rich with opportunities for contribution and fulfillment and charitable involvement. We have an office space in Columbus with all the things you would want at your home away from home. We celebrate our successes every quarter with awards celebrations for our extended families.


Ringside is currently looking to add both tenured Search Consultants and entry-level recruiters to our team. We have the most tenured professionals with the best practical business experience of most any search firm. We are a complete meritocracy in that opportunities for advancement and firm ownership are open to everyone but guaranteed to no one. Our career progression is 100% transparent and 100% dictated by your results. Your income and growth are only limited by your own capabilities and desires.


From everyday recruiting needs to complex business transformation projects, Ringside has continually assisted clients with innovations and thought leadership.


Our primary goal is to provide clients with the right candidate and ensure the correct fit.


IMG_3057.jpg 300x225Ringside allows you to build a business that leverages your professional experience thus far. We encourage you to leverage your experience as well – as it offers a tremendous competitive advantage over other recruiters in your space. The executive leadership team of Ringside has studied thousands of search firm models and we will advise you on the right function, industry, location and level in which you may choose to specialize.

Ringside also provides complete control of your work/life balance. Once you have a track record of success, your office hours are when you choose to be open, and your vacation schedule is determined only by you. The flexibility you will experience is unparalleled by most other professions in existence.

Ultimately, Ringside allows you to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. We will be by your side ensuring that the infrastructure of your business is well-equipped, we will be by your side teaching you the entirety of the search process, and we will be by your side long after your potential success. Our scale of included support services encompasses the totality of not only what you should need to get up and running, but also to create a long and tenured legacy in the search business and within the history books of Ringside.


For a confidential conversation contact a Ringside consultant.